I've always had an incredible need to document my life. Some days words pour out of my head faster than I can write, other days I go mute and want to take pictures of everything. So here on this blog, you'll get a mixture of agonizingly long essays and obnoxious amounts of photos (read: selfies), and not with any schedule or pattern because I do what I want. I'm an english major who is NOT going to be a teacher. I'm in love with glasses, big cities, and the same shade of plum lipstick year round. I wear mostly dresses but can get behind a denim button up and a pair of birks any day. I guarantee a lot of talk about New York and England, a minimal amount of typos, and the occasional spiel about eating healthy and being Mormon, because those things are huge for me. So, pull up a chair, grab a dirty dr pepper, and stay awhile, why don't ya?

Contact me at maduffield {at} bellsouth {dot} net if you have any questions, comments, or want to chat.

Sincerely, mad

PC Mary Claire Photo

Why is your blog called Sincerely, mad?
My initials spell mad, and when I love something, I tend to be madly in love with it, so it just kind of fit.

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