Friday, February 21, 2014

Friends Come in All Ages

Mom pointed out a while ago that I have friends in every decade from 70 on down. So I can't take credit for this insanely clever post (good one Mom!), but I sure will write about it.

First up, 70s.
Grandma Ruthie! My mom's mom is fabulous. I love her so much. I've lived near her for most of my life, and I think that is just so special. Not every kid gets to live so close to their grandmas, and it is a wonderful blessing. She is there for every piano recital, church talk, and school concert you could imagine. My favorite Sundays are when we go to her house for dinner and it's all of the Georgia family together. It's going to break my heart to leave them all behind.

60s means my dad's parents! I love them to pieces too. They live farther away, out in Utah, but that's where I'm going to school next year, so we'll only be about an hour away! We're already planning weekends at their house and lunch dates at Cafe Rio. I'm flying across the country to go to school, which is crazy exciting but also mildly terrifying. I've lived with my parents and my siblings my whole life, and now I'm leaving? Knowing that I'll have family out there and that they'll be close when I need them is so comforting.

50s is the age group with all of my cross fit friends! The instructor, my workout buddies, all of them! I can't even begin to describe the depth of my love for cross fit and everyone involved. They push me to be my best, even when I'm not feeling it. And when I get discouraged they are right there to help me along. They are the perfect people to have dance parties with, and even though they are older than me, they can kick my butt any day, any time. They keep me humble and keep me confident. They are so great.
 ^^^I just can't get enough of these pics from my party. I just love them so stinkin' much!^^^

40s are my aunts and my dad! My aunts are like second mothers, and my dad is, well, awesome! I can tell all of them anything and know they will be there for me no matter what. And my dad, where do I start. Honestly I have no idea how I got so lucky. We have the same music taste, so car rides with us equal sing alongs. I can always count on him to support a late night Chickfila run or Taco Bell for dinner, even if we've already had it three times that week. I tell you, my dad is more a part of pop culture than I am! Half of my song and movie recommendations come from him. Seriously he is the greatest.

(sorry, no pics of the aunts...:-( )

30s- my mother! Oh my gosh I love my mom.
She is my best friend. Other girls say that but they don't mean it like I mean it. When I'm in a really chatty mood (so basically all the time) and Mom tells me I need to stop talking and go get things done, I remind her that I'll be gone next year and that she'll miss all of my talking. She responds with no she won't, because I'll be calling her all the time. I wish I could deny it, but it's true. What am I going to do with out my dearest darlingist momsie (and popsicle…Wicked anyone)? 

20s. Natalie, Naomi, Bri, Emma, and Merrick. The bloggers I read (read, stalk, same thing) are mostly in their twenties. Don't try and tell me they don't count. I hear from them several times a week and could tell you all sorts of important things about them. It's not weird. Don't judge me.

10s. Yes I have friends my own age. There are a bajillion of them, so I won't list them all out one by one, but... pictures!

0s. Oh my little sibs. Actually only two of them fall in this category, but I love them all!
Friends. What on earth would I do without them?

Sincerely, mad

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