Monday, May 26, 2014

A Lake Weekend

We kicked off summer the right way over here and headed up to the lake for a glorious long weekend.  The weather has been a dream and this little town is the perfect way to relax after a crazy school year. It has been full of sleeping in way too late and eating way too many ice cream sandwiches because I have no sense of self control. My only regret- I'm realllyyyyy wishing I'd packed a pair of running shorts rather than flannel pajama bottoms...

The lake is so amazing- so many colors here. I love to ride on the boat with my eyes closed and my face turned towards the wind, and when you first open your eyes, the whole world is coated in this grayish turquoise. But the longer you keep your eyes open, the harder you look, you see all of the color everywhere. You see the green so translucent that as the sun shines through it, she leaves a drop of dewy sunshine to seep into the veins of the leaf and change it's inner being. You see the tree trunks, each ones' bark a different shade of gray. You see the water with it's glassy sheen, each droplet dancing in the light and begging for attention. And even though you'll end up that night with lobster red skin because you never manage to put on an appropriate amount of sunscreen despite the nagging of your mother, you are indescribably happy with life.
Sincerely, mad

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