Monday, May 5, 2014

Photo Adventure

Friday night I got this image in my head and I had a major itch to go photograph it, or at least try. I've always wanted to go on a photo adventure, it seems like the cool thing to do, but I've never done it, probably because of fear of failure, uncertainty of what to actually do when one goes on a photo adventure, but I mean hey. This time I went, and I happen to have a best friend who happily obliges me and entertains all of my photo fantasies and lets me be a bossy photographer. I think she liked it too because she stole the camera from me and lay on the bridge to get a cool shot. She also took me to an abandoned warehouse because she knew I'd want to see it in all it's creepy glory. (she risked encounters with creepy hobos, so you know it's real friendship.)
Look! It's the creepy warehouse  area off the beaten path of our little town's park! Don't worry, we were quiet and checked the graffitied buildings for hobos before we took pictures. Then I made Megan stand still so I could snap a few shots before we ran away, slightly creeped out. Her face looks serious, which makes these pictures awesome, and it wasn't on purpose. She was actually checking some of the buildings for creepers.

One photo adventure down, many more to follow!

Sincerely, mad

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