Sunday, July 6, 2014

Things I'm Missing

*Disclaimer- I am very very happy here. I love everything. But every once in a while a pang of homesickness hits me and I miss Georgia so intensely. So, here it is.

1. Chickfila fries- sparked by an instagram picture of Chickfila.
2. My vans- sparked by my sorting through old pics and the fact that I only brought my saltwaters and a pair of crossfit sneakers.
3. Family- sparked by nothing. I've missed them since the second I left.
4. Friends- sparked by an hour long Skype session with Megan.
5. Pink Lemonade- I really have no idea why I miss this. I'm just craving lemonade I guess.
6. Ice- sparked by the fact that Katie mentioned that English people never put ice in their drinks. Our drinks are never warm, they're just never cold.
7. Los Hermanos / cheese Dip- sparked by the fact that there is no Mexican food here. England's greatest downfall.
8. Crossfit- see number 4.
9. My purse- sparked by every awkward encounter where I have to dig my wallet out of my backpack and then reorganize everything as I walk out of the store.
10. American electrical outlets- sparked by the fact that there are no outlets in my bathroom and I am standing across the room and bending backwards trying to curl my hair. It's quite a circus I tell ya.

Now, in an effort to cheer up, banish homesickness, and make tomorrow happy again... things today that made me happy.

1. Pizza for dinner. It was huge and I'm slightly embarrassed to say that I ate the whole thing...
2. Sunny rainshowers. I'm really really really grateful for my raincoat. It's brilliant.
3. The rainbow and petrichor that permeated the air when the rain subsided.
4. Facetiming my little sibs today. Love that gaggle of goofs.
5. Hearing Michael Buble in the restaurant.
6. I put on red lipstick again for the first time in a while and it felt so so so good. Red lipstick, I'll love you forever.
7. Good hair days.
8. Finishing my Shakespeare commentary that I've only put off for days.
9. Sleeping in.
10. Wearing heels for the decades dance. It's the little things, ya know?

Sincerely, mad

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