Friday, August 29, 2014


Imagine waking up to a cool breeze rolling off the tops of mountains so beautiful they don't even look real. Imagine trying your first Jamba Juice, one with blueberries and raspberries and strawberries that tastes exactly like your favorite smoothie from home. Imagine sitting in the College of Humanities orientation and writing Justin Beiber and Beyonce lyrics like a 19th century novelist would. Imagine buzzing because you think you found someone to be your college Finco and these people just get you. Imagine signing up to help in the production of a Shakespeare mashup play. Imagine signing up for BYU's English Society and being so excited that your hands are shaking and your heart is racing and your mind is flying all over the place and the words are tumbling out of your mouth so fast that no one can make any sense of what you're saying and you're completely out of breath because you're so excited. Imagine going to your first college football game as a cougar and sitting on the field with hundreds of other freshman, barely watching the screen the game is being broadcast on because your team (your team! what a lovely phrase) is already killing UConn 28-7 and it's only halftime. Imagine eating pizza and waiting for the reveal of your year's ice cream flavor- raspberry lemonade. Imagine spreading out in a circle with new friends and realizing that not only are they fine with your photography obsession, but they actually want you to take pictures and post them online. Imagine going with them to try slack lining and giant twister and Swedish twister. Imagine walking to the creamery and seeing the Y lit up. Imagine sitting outside with these new friends, eating ice cream and laughing so hard you can hardly speak as you share sleepwalking stories and exchange numbers so you can be sure to meet up tomorrow. Imagine watching gifs on Pinterest with your roommate until you're laughing so hard you're crying. Imagine all of this, and maybe, just maybe, you can imagine how immensely overjoyed I am with life right now.

Sincerely, mad

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