Friday, August 1, 2014

New beginnings

Does the beginning of a new school year thrill anyone else? I just love it. The freshly sharpened pencils, the spankin new notebooks, the school supply lists and lingering summer sunshine and new schedules and smiling teachers. Even the hallways smell different. There is this excited energy buzzing around, humming through the halls and filling everyone with excitement.

I'm not going back to high school, and for that I am extremely grateful, but today was orientation for all of those returning to those halls, so because some of my favorite people work in those buildings and because I've always just loved orientation, I tagged along with Meredith and prowled my old haunts. Aka I chilled in my two favorite teachers' rooms for hours and went to lunch with some friends who are going to be juniors/seniors this year. And it was so fun. I really just love the first day of school.

I can't wait to fly out to Provo in two and a half weeks and to experience my own new beginning. To start again and have yet another first day of school. It's all just so exciting!

Sincerely, mad

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