Wednesday, September 17, 2014

a bicycle named susan

My dearest suze,

I'm so happy to have you. To cross paths with you. We are now one adventuring unit, you and I. We will explore the streets of Provo together. Together, we will trek through rain, snow, or shine to crossfit. Together we will journey to work. Together, we will meander down North Canyon Road to grab bagels from Einsteins. Together, we will bike up and down the older part of town, admiring the architecture and the new temple. Together, we will learn this city. It will become part of us too. And then, just as we two separate entities combined to form one, we will let the city in, becoming a marvelous threesome that will tell the grandest tales of a wild hearted college student and her vintage-esque blue Schwinn. Let's rub some dirt on those tires of yours and go see this town.

Sincerely, mad


  1. ohh la la, she's a beaut! my favourite colour, too!!! :)

    1. Honestly still can't get over your spelling of favorite. You're my favourite. With a u.;-)