Monday, November 10, 2014

i hereby banish 8 am classes

Hey kids. I'm declaring myself supreme ruler of the universe and officially banishing 8 am classes. They are a thing of the dark side.

BUT. On my way to my 8 am this morning, the wind is blowing and establishing itself as my bangs' nemesis and I'm having a major Marilyn Monroe moment in which the back of my dress completely flies up on the middle of campus (thank you for halfway saving me, black tights!)- on my way to my 8 am this morning, it started SNOWING. Like little tiny frozen water droplets dropping in slow motion against my bright red sweater and spattering the gray concrete with little black smudges. The sky is gray, the ground is gray, but on my bright red sweater there were a few tiny bright white flakes quickly disappearing. Snow guys! Yes! I mean, if it's going to be 40 degrees it might as well snow, am I right?
Also, it is important to note that last night, after we were both in pjs and I put Brooke's hair in a messy bun (can you believe she had never worn her hair in a bun?!) and I somehow pulled my bob away from my eyes so I could wash my face, I taught Brooke how to take selfies and mirror pics. Because selfies in messy hair and big tshirts are an important part of roommate bonding. Despite all of her protesting, I know she liked it. Deep down I'm sure of it. I mean, were you ever really roommates if you didn't take ridiculous pictures in your pjs at midnight when you should be studying/sleeping?

Class registration guys. I mean, I had one thing in my life under control and then I went to sign up for all of the classes I had meticulously planned out and scheduled and somehow I confused times and got put on wait lists and it turns out I will have to have class on Friday. But, I found a class about cooking in the home so guess who's taking that in two semesters? Oh yeah, this girl. Master chef in the making y'all.

And now a selfie to take us out that I took while sitting on the floor because I cut my hair and I'm officially converted to bobs. I say this every time, but someone remind me when I declare I'm growing my hair out again that chopped locks are what works for me? K thanks.;-)
Sincerely, mad

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  1. i love your hair!!!!!
    and AMEN to your thoughts on 8 am classes.
    i'm 100% convinced they're of the devil.