Saturday, June 13, 2015

amicalola falls

Hello! I'm alive! This weekend I convinced the fam to drive an hour and half so we could go hike. Amicalola Falls is the tallest waterfall in Georgia, and the hike itself wasn't bad at all. Plus, it was the perfect way to bust out my new 50mm lens (i'm in love). The weather wasn't too hot and humid, all Georgia weather considered, and we got Costa Vida and Bruster's on the way home, so all in all a really good day. We're already talking about what outdoor adventure we'll take on next weekend!
 This owl kept staring at G, and it was just the funniest thing.
 Glad I get to take pictures of these goofs forever.
We are just dying over this picture! You can't zoom in or out with my lens, so we asked this guy to take our picture on the bridge, but it was a pretty tight squeeze. We told Mer to squat down so she wouldn't get cut off on the sides, but then the guy taking the picture cut her off on the bottom. Whoops!
 Sincerely, mad

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