Monday, July 13, 2015

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You'd think an english major would read a ton, right? All genres, all authors, be on top of new release dates and what's happening in lit culture. Nope. Instead, you can find the english majors tucked away in dimly lit corners of the library, reading the words of writers long dead. By the time you power through a Saussure essay, the prospect of snuggling in with some fluff book isn't enough to open up droopy eyes. Hence my partial love affair with summer (i'll never appreciate the feeling of melting when you walk outside). No essays, no literary theory, just pure fluff. Just the way I like it. Not all of it is fluff, but it's definitely not Baudrillard. 

Some of my recent favorites include humorous narrative essays, especially Natalie Holbrook's first book and Mindy Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). I'm also devouring anything along the creative/artsy lines. My absolute favorite is Austin Kleon's Steal Like an Artist. It's my most recent read, and although it was fast, I've already made a Target run for markers and log books and am planning a trip to the antique store and Paper Source for old books to black out and calendars to fill in. We're headed to the beach in a couple weeks and the prospect of countless hours to sit on the sand with my nose in a book has got me giddy. Add the endless possibilities to practice my photography by the sea, and you've got one happy camper over here.

Sincerely, mad

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