Saturday, June 22, 2013

Just a Thursday Night

Thursday night was another swim meet, but my youngest brother, Tadd, didn't have to swim in it. Tadd and I stayed home and had a blast. We sang Les Mis songs (I watched that for the first time that day- SO GOOD), played games, and pretended I was a human jungle gym. The first game Tadd picked was The Scrambled States of America game. He won. I'm not sure how I feel about that because I am the States champion at my house. Or at least I was until Thursday night.

^^^When the game was over and we were trying to decide who won, Tadd asked me to count how many I had. After, he counted, aloud, every single one of his cards. The little stinker knew he won.^^^

^^^Then we played Play Nine. He won that one too.^^^

After Tadd emerged victorious for the second time, we played guess that song. Tadd would pick a song on my phone and play it and make me guess who sang it. The thing is, he can't read yet, so technically I could have said random names and he would have told me I was right. I was fine with that because that meant I was finally winning.

When the rest of our family showed up, I became the human jungle gym. I decided to carry my two youngest siblings, Genevieve and Tadd, upstairs. On my back. At the same time. See part of that adventure below.

Sincerely, mad