Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Swim Meets and Rainboots

Swim team has always been something my parents made us do. They always told us that learning to swim was like learning to ride a bike- it's just something you need to know. I finally got out of swim team when I was 14, but all of my siblings are still swimming. I'm glad I swam for as long as I did, but it is so much more fun watching than actually swimming. Now I go to the swim meets and leave early with my youngest brother so he can go to bed, but this time I stayed the whole time because Mom needed me to do the job she volunteered for. I was the basket girl. I sat up in the house and changed the event numbers and organized the times. It was great because I was out of the humidity and I had a great view!

I could see everyone! I didn't have to look over anyone's shoulder or crane my neck. It was perfect.
It had been storming all day, so I wore my rainboots. I figured it would probably start raining again, so I wanted to cover my bases. As soon as the meet started however, the clouds started to disperse and blue sky began to peek through. I thought I had worn my boots for nothing!

It turned out to be an awesome idea though. The ground was still muddy from the rain, and all the swimmers dripping water everywhere just made it worse. I was pretty proud of myself for wearing rainboots and decided they are the best shoes to wear to swim meets. You don't have to worry about having gross feet, and you can walk in all the puddles you want. Success!

Sincerely, mad

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