Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mexico Part 1

Hello! The fam is back from our vacation to Mexico and I have oh so much to show you! Get ready for gazillions of pictures!
Ok, so we flew into Cancun late Friday night and stayed in a Marriott resort for the night. The next day, we didn't have to check into our house until the afternoon, so we stayed and played at the Cancun beach.

^^^the view from our room in Cancun^^^

^^^I have never seen water this clear in my life. It was so warm too! If the Atlantic Ocean felt like that, maybe I would be more excited to swim in it.^^^

^^^Chillin in the hotel pool!^^^

Around lunch time we drove about an hour and a half down to Akumal to check into the house we were renting. We hopped in the pool as soon as all the suitcases were brought in.

^^^The house we stayed in came with a pool and an incredible view!^^^

^^^For dinner we went to a pizza place called Leo's. We all loved the glass bottles of Coke!^^^

Sunday was a lazy day for us. We all slept in and then just snorkeled and swam in the bay.

^^^Mom, Meredith, and I went and walked along the rocks outside our house. We got to the edge of the lagoon and could see Half Moon Bay, a sandy beach where turtles go to lay their eggs (more on that later;)).^^^

^^^Walking along the street to get back home. This road was ridiculous. Parts were paved, and parts were like you see in this pic, lots of potholes. Even though we were only about a mile from the town, it took 5-10 minutes to drive to the house.^^^

That's all for now! I'll be back soon with pics from the underwater camera!

Sincerely, mad