Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mexico Part 2

I'm back with more pics from Mexico! One of my family's favorite things to do was snorkel. I wasn't too fond of this because I don't want to know what I'm swimming with. I have a hard enough time imagining the sharks and turtles and fish, but then to actually see them within a few feet of me totally creeps me out. Mom dragged me out twice however and I have to admit, it was pretty neat. Mom was smart enough to bring an underwater camera, so here are a few pics from our snorkeling adventures!

^^^One of the first sea creatures spotted besides fish was a stingray. I think we found two or three throughout the whole week... thankfully never when I was out in the water.^^^

^^^The main thing we looked for was the turtles. They were so cool to watch. This picture also shows you how clear the water was!^^^

^^^One of the turles I saw had these fish floating around it. Sometimes they swam under it, other times they rode on the shell. They were pretty funny looking.^^^

^^^Last turtle pic. How cool are they?^^^

While we're talking about the animals, here are some pics of the racoons that ran around. These racoons don't just come out at night. They search the trashcans at all hours. They have to in order to compete with the cats. I have never seen so many cats in one place in my life. It was crazy!

^^^The housekeeper, Mirley, cooked fajitas for us one night, and after we were finished she brought tortillas and rice out and set it on a little wall for the racoons to come eat. This is the only one that showed up.^^^

^^^Get a load of his fingers! They were so weird- so humanlike!^^^

Another favorite was Lucy's homemade ice cream in the village. Almost every night after dinner we would drive into town to get some ice cream. It took me almost the whole week to finally figure out what my favorite flavor was- classic chocolate.


I'll leave you with one last pic- a sneak pic of the next part of Mexico! Definitely my favorite day. Get excited!

Sincerely, mad