Monday, September 23, 2013

Hey There!

Hey there! Anyone notice how I was really good at posting every other day? Anyone notice how that only lasted for a week?:-)
I'm back with new resolve! I need to motivate myself often.:-)
Well, not much blog post worthy happened this weekend, but I've got to write something down, right? I took the ACT, went to two church youth dances (I'm telling ya, Mormon teenagers know how to have a dance party), went to church, took a wonderful nap, and watched some movies. Sounds like a good weekend! Busy, but good.
Today I came home after school and took a two hour nap, and let me tell you, it felt heavenly. Then I went to crossfit (more heaven... just in a very different, sweaty, painful form) and had some personal bests! Good day! Now if only I didn't have a Calc test to go study for... sigh.
Hey, anyone notice how it's getting cooler? And how the leaves are changing color? And how it is starting to be a really good idea to bring a sweater when you go out? Fall is approaching everyone! Whoohoo!
^^^My sincerest apologies for the terrible lighting and gritty iphone pic, but here's a snapshot from one of the dances this weekend! We all wore white tshirts and there were neon lights everywhere, so it was like we glowed in the dark! Neat, huh?^^^

Well, that's all for now! Have a marvelous Monday!
Sincerely, mad