Friday, October 25, 2013

Homecoming Week Part 2

I'm back with more pictures! Yay!
Thursday was Throwback Thursday (aka Decade Day), and I dressed up as my favorite decade! I'm telling you, I could have lived in the 50s and I would have been perfectly content with life. Actually, I'm perfectly content with life in 2013 too, but if I had to pick another time to live in, it would be the 1950s. Or Bath, England in the 1800s, where I could have tete-a-tetes with Jane Austen. Yeah. That sounds good.
Anyways, I pulled out my five-year-old homemade poodle skirt, pulled my hair back, and laced up my saddle shoes. I could wear something along these lines everyday and be blissfully happy.
^^^Megan threw it back to her older sister's high school days and wore her sister's letterman jacket and basketball hoodie. It was perfect because they really do look exactly alike.^^^
^^^Haley shares my 50s obsession, but decided to switch it up.^^^
After school, I grabbed Meredith and my dad and dragged them to Bruster's with me.
^^^Just so you know, Hallowscream is the way to go. Vanilla ice cream dyed orange with fudge swirls and full size Reese's. Perfection in a cake cone.^^^
After all that, I had Beta club induction, which pretty much means more silly pictures of me and Megan! Like we don't have enough of those here on this blog.
^^^I have decided it is pretty much impossible for us to get a picture where we are not laughing or have huge goofy grins plastered on our faces. And quite frankly, I'm perfectly okay with that.^^^
Thank goodness it's Friday! Now to tackle the weekend.

Sincerely, mad