Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Homecoming Week Part 1

This week is my high school's homecoming week, which means crazy costumes and lots of pictures! Monday was Mismatched Monday. I had to abandon and suppress every matching instinct and any fashion sense I had. I was actually quite comfortable, which was a little frightening because I am usually not comfortable looking like a mess.
^^^Me and Megan! And no, I did not get a bad spray tan on my knees. I wore mustard yellow tights thank you very much.^^^
^^^Taking a picture in first period is becoming a ritual this week. And look! My favorite teacher is in it! Yea Finco!^^^
Tuesday was Character Day, and I went as Audrey Hepburn. That costume was a result of my complete and utter lack of planning (it came together at about 10:30 Monday night...). Plus I have always wanted to be Audrey.
^^^Another first period pic! I'm the one in black in the middle.^^^
Today was Heritage Day, which meant there were lots of traditional costumes from all over. It was awesome. Unfortunately, I don't have cool costumes, so I represented America. I can only wear red, white, and blue a few times a year without looking strange as a walking American flag, so I figured I'd take advantage of today.

I'll be back soon with details on the latest senior year bucket list escapade, but Homecoming Week will have to suffice for now.:-)

Sincerely, mad