Monday, October 28, 2013

Well Hello There Fall

Well. Fall is finally here. I've been waiting! I've put away my shorts, pulled out my boots, and am starting to work sweaters into my daily wardrobe. Finally!
With the colorful leaves and chilly breezes comes hot chocolate and fuzzy socks because I cannot stay warm! All weekend, I was bundled up in blankets and slippers and curled up in a ball trying to warm myself up. And although I don't like having icy hands, I do rather like hot chocolate (side note: I just tried Land O' Lakes' French Vanilla hot chocolate, and oh my goodness gracious I'm in love. Add that to my list of favorite drinks, along with mint hot chocolate and cold root beer and icy pink lemonade.).

^^^This is what happens when my dad and I go to the grocery store. Lots of junky cereal and the makings of a few days of hot chocolate. I love my dad.^^^

^^^Hot chocolate and a fire after crossfit? I think yes.^^^
Then today the backyard was strewn with leaves and the sky was gray and the air had the teeniest hint of a bite to it. I corralled Meredith into coming outside to take pictures with me.
 ^^^Hooray for fall!^^^
Quick backstory on my outfit: I felt like an adventurous girly tomboy today. Does that make sense? I mean, combat boots, a floral dress, and a leather jacket shouldn't work, but I was loving it today. Combat boots kind of make me feel like I could hike a mountain or go on an adventure. Anybody else? Or is that just me?

Sincerely, mad