Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Finals Week and Story Time

So this week is finals week, and the end is near! I just have to make it through Calculus tomorrow and then I'll be fine.

Now I know you are all wondering what on earth I do with myself during finals. Allow me to present you with some pictures.
I go shopping for Meredith's Christmas present and when I can't find anything, I discreetly take artsy pictures in the Francesca's jewelry mirror.
Story time: on Monday night I attempted making turron de Navidad, a Spanish almond candy, for Spanish class. I was going to wait for Mom to get home so she could help me, but then I was like, no. i can do this by myself. i'm a big girl. First mistake.

Second mistake: trying to procure three egg whites. Most people only require three eggs to do this. I needed about a dozen. Yeaaaaahhhhh.

Third mistake: not looking up the meaning of "meringue." I just stirred the egg whites for a while until there were lots of bubbles. I later learned that I should have used an electric mixer and that it should have been thick like cream. Whoops.

Fourth mistake: not looking up the meaning of "folding." I figured that folding the egg whites into the boiled honey meant pouring it in a little bit at a time and stirring it really well. Apparently it means pouring it all in at once and NOT stirring. Ooooohhhhhhh.

Fifth mistake: trying to cook the honey and egg white mixture for 15-20 minutes like the directions said. I burned it after five but didn't turn the heat off until after ten minutes. It was popping and bubbling and stinking up the whole house. One of the flying drops hit my hand and gave me a nasty burn. I then wore an oven mitt and stirred the pot from arms length.

I stuck it out until the end, so I get points for determination, right? The above pic is what my end result looked like. A burned almond lump. Moral of the story is that I learned that I am not a master chef when it comes to Spanish dishes. In my defense, my mint chocolate chip cookies are amazing. Just sayin.
Oh yeah, and then there's that whole studying thing. Boo Calculus. Yea Chocolate Supreme Land o'Lakes hot chocolate and Pepperidge Farm cinnamon toast!

Sincerely, mad

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