Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Brother Date

This kid. Can we talk about him for just a sec?

Yesterday I decided to be the cool big sis (every once in a while I'm fun). Everyone but Tadd and I were leaving the house and I had been itching to go to goodwill to hunt down some vintage dresses, so I corralled Tadd into going with me. I promised him a toy, which is instant 6-year-old bait. I know how to work these siblings of mine. I've had fourteen years of practice.

Well, goodwill brought no bounty, so to Chickfila for ice cream we went!
I love this little brother of mine. There are 11 years between us, which means we get along great! I don't think we've ever fought, and I love it. When he laughs, he absolutely cracks up and there is no telling when he'll settle back down again. I am willing to do anything for that laugh.
I'll have you know that the photo pictured above cost me a dollar. Yep. Tadd refused to take a picture with me unless I gave him a dollar. This was even after I gave him an ice cream cone and tried to teach him how to car dance. (he wasn't a fan. huh.) The sad part is the fact that I actually gave it to him.

Sincerely, mad

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