Saturday, January 11, 2014

mad Happenings

The first weekend of the second semester of my last year in high school was great! How do you like that for a description?
^^^Already back to this. To break it down for you, that was my spread of Calculus homework (derivative review if you must know), AP Government excitement (what are the Federalist Papers? I'm a reader and a history nerd, and I still can't figure it out), as well as a little bit of Great Expectations and a book about introverts to spice up the weekend. It's fine to be jealous.^^^

But really it was fabulous. On Friday I went to the Mexican restuarant with the best cheese dip in the world with a couple of girls, and then we watched the movie Yours, Mine, and Ours. It's a Cheaper by the Dozen-esque movie. Super cute. If you haven't seen it yet, you should.
^^^How's that for a mad dash through the rain to the car? Are those kids just the cutest? These little sibs of mine, I'm tellin ya. They kill me.^^^

Saturday morning was crazy what with Mer's violin competition and a church activity for Genevieve and Tadd, but Mom and Meredith stopped at IKEA on their way home and hey, want to hear about the latest excitement of Mallory's life? Look at this:
Only the best prints to be hung in a room in the history of ever. I am so obsessed. If I could only live in two places for the rest of my life it would be New York and London. My heart belongs in the city.

Then on Saturday night I did a whole lot of super exciting things. Megan, Rachel, and I went to Pizza Cafe for dinner, then we made a stop at QuikTrip for ice cream, even though we upped the heat in the car to get rid of the chill from the wind. When ice cream calls, you don't ignore it, no matter how cold.

At QT I only discovered the best thing ever. They have milkshakes there. Did you know that? When I saw that I turned to Rachel and said, "are you for real?" And then look at this.
I kid you not, the milkshake brand is f'real. Just like for real. Which I said when I saw the milkshakes. On top of it all, mint chocolate was one of the flavors. It was fate. I had to get one. We also grabbed some munchies. I grabbed cheese crackers and it made my night. It's been soooo long since I had cheese crackers.

Then we went to school to see Rodger and Hammerstein's Cinderella. I've been waiting for this since August. I saw it on Broadway back in February, and when my friend Khyati told me the school's drama department was going to perform it this year, I was so excited. And let me tell ya, they did an amazing job. Some kids that I've been in school with for years but only barely know were stars in the show in every sense of the word. There is some serious talent roaming our high school halls.

Rachel used to be in drama, so when we went up on stage after the play to congratulate our friends and Megan said she'd always wondered what backstage looked like, Rachel took us on the grand tour. We saw all the behind the scenes stuff like the dressing room and the hidden hallway. It was so neat to go back there.

Megan and I carpooled and had a full half hour after the play before curfew, so we did what all super cool high school seniors do when they have time to kill. We took a fifteen minute twisted loop to get to my house which is all of two minutes from the school. We live on the edge, Megan and I.
^^^A group pic because, well, ya know.^^^

Gosh, isn't being a senior just great?

Sincerely, mad

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