Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! I had the best time, and I have the pictures to prove it! Get ready, there's a lot...
The festivities began with this cake. Megan and I made a Publix run for Funfetti cake mix, and we found a tub of aqua blue frosting with fish sprinkles. Naturally, we made an ocean themed cake.
We ran outside into the freezing cold to get the mail, so of course that means shadow pics. Thank you VSCO Cam for making it possible to edit these pictures so you actually see our shadows rather than just black.
For dinner Megan's dad made fajitas. Only six of us were there for dinner, which was delicious and looked so nice. We all felt sophisticated.
After dinner the games began. We went downstairs and played Apples to Apples. That was a blast, even though Rachel and Haley, who insisted on being a team, won way more than they should have. Whenever they won, they screamed and the rest of us groaned.
 ^^^Planning their next card. They had to have cheated. We didn't know how, but there was no way they should have won as much as they did.^^^
Why use plates when everyone could just attack the pie with spoons? It was some sort of chocolate pudding deliciousness, and it was amazing. Morgan was a serious winner with that one.
Around 10 the boys started appearing, and we moved from Apples to Apples to Player Playoff. That was insane. There was screaming and yelling and some throwing at one point. I think it's my new favorite game. This pic is in the middle of a throw down between Rachel and Megan about which object would progress in the bracket. Rachel won.
Morgan and Megan in the corner… I just love it. The best part is, Megan didn't even know I was taking a picture.
Excuse the blurriness, I barely learned how to use the self timer on the fancy camera.
I had to get in a picture, so I figured out the self timer and corralled everyone into posing. They were such good sports, especially since we had to take twenty pics. I couldn't figure out how to make it not blurry. Ironically, our first try ended up being the best. Gosh I love these guys.
We rang in 2014 banging on metal pots in the front yard. Chris brought fireworks and sparklers, which was super fun (but mostly scary. i don't do fire). We hung out a while longer, then the boys headed home and the girls had a sleepover! Yeah!

It was only my second sleepover, like EVER, and it was a blast. We all crashed in Megan's basement somewhere between 2:45 and 4. When we finally woke up around 11, Megan's parents made pancakes, eggs, and hash browns. 
^^^Cake for lunch. I mean why not?^^^

Overall, seriously one of the best 24 hours I've had in a while. There were games, impromptu dance parties, and seriously great friends. 2014, I'm ready for ya.

Sincerely, mad

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