Thursday, January 16, 2014


Hey! Let's start this thing off with a little crossfit selfie, shall we? I had all of thirty seconds where no one else was in the box (the crossfit term for the gym. i know, i'm proud of my use of lingo too). How's January going for ya? It's pretty good around here, fast yet slow. The days don't drag on but then I look at the calendar and I'm like, "good grief! it's only the 16th!" Whatcha gonna to do.

These days I'm just hanging around, wearing lots of boots and reading lots of Dickens (Great Expectations anyone?). There's also crossfit and calc homework and church stuff oh my! Overall everything feels pretty mild now that the holiday rush is over. But hey! My internal creative bug is itching to be scratched, and I'm actually doing something about it! No more procrastinating for me!

One of my New Years' resolutions was to take at least one photo a day. I'll share those with you at the end of the month, but hey! I'm actually doing it! I'm so excited to share because it's quite fun. You should try it too! Also, I'm finally going to teach myself to sew! Granted, it's for a class, but hey, we're counting it. My seventh period is an independent study class of sorts, so my topic for this semester is sewing and refashion. I could not be more excited.
Ben tried a traditional Norwegian snack at church last night- a cracker with sardines and brown goat cheese. He wasn't disgusted like I had hoped he would be, so the video I took was rather boring. Lots of me in the background saying, "Eat it Ben! Is it gross?"
And let's end it with kisses. Muah!

Sincerely, mad

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