Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Really Good Couple of Days

The past couple of days have just been so. darn. GOOD. I've felt really passionate and creative, I've started some new projects and presented one I was so excited about, and this weekend is going to be so fun that the goodness just continues! Honestly life is just so incredibly good- if sophomore/junior me could see me now and know just how fabulous it would get, I would have changed a couple of things a lot sooner. But live and learn I guess, right?
First things first, Megan and I were almost reverse twinning. Finco pointed it out, so of course that meant a photo op in 7th period. Words cannot describe how much I love this girl. I could write a blog solely about her! She would hate me for it, but it's true. She's just that wonderful. But I digress.
Secondly, my group in Lit presented our Great Expectations project on Thursday. We decorated the room to look like Miss Havisham's room, with streamers and glitter as cobwebs. We also had some factories to represent London and a marsh for Gravesend. I was so fired up about this project- my group can attest to that. Saying I am passionate about literature is a bit of an understatement- during group discussions and brainstorms I was talking a mile a minute and my smile almost split my face in two.

Half of our group dressed like bums to represent the poor and the other half dressed nice like the rich. I refuse to dress like a bum, and since that is what most high schoolers prefer, I was a designated rich person. Elliane and I posed like we were in a drama on tv, with black dresses and arched eyebrows and cocked hips. You know, the basic stuff. It was even Mrs. Finco's birthday on Thursday, so we brought candles and she had matches and we used the bride cake as a birthday cake and sang to her. Have I mentioned that I love that class?
Elliane went above and beyond with the food. We had a rotten wedding cake, swedish fish, goldfish, and chicken quiche for rich people food (fish, fowl, and Miss Havisham's bride cake) and bread and butter for poor people food. It was a huge asset to the project and a major hit with the class.
Another group presented A Tale of Two Cities on Friday, and they had a guillotine out of paper. I was executed.
Can we pause for a second and talk about this kid? Gee whiz my little brother is a stud. And such a good sport for posing for me. He's a photo ham if you just ask him to freeze. I love that boy so much it's ridiculous.
^^^This pic was before I made him move for better lighting. Isn't he great? He even moved downstairs to help me get a good pic. Love you Benny boy!^^^
I went to Hobby Lobby on Thursday after school to get supplies for our party on Saturday (more on that later- it was a. maz. ing.). So I learned how to knit, did I tell you that? I can't remember. I mean, it's super basic stuff, I can't even cast on, but I can knit a headband. It's my new party trick. Now I'm knitting a scarf (with the yarn I got at Hobby Lobby!). I even have my very own pair of knitting needles, and I named them Henrietta and Henrielle. We're going to be spending a lot of time together, so I figured they needed to be named. They are gold and I love them.

I've started knitting a scarf, and I'm studying sewing in directed studies this semester so I got some turquoise jersey knit fabric to make a headband. I also used Pinterest to decorate for the party, and it was so fun. My creative juices have been flowing all the time recently and it's been awesome.

But Hobby Lobby though. My new love. They have everything a creative soul could ever wish for. Yarn, balloons, streamers, fabric, pom poms, scrapbooking supplies, everything I need. I'm converted. The end.

Sincerely, mad

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