Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snowpocalypse 2.0

Mother Nature decided that a Georgia ice storm was in order, so here we are, approaching our third day of being snowed in, which brings with it peanut butter blossom cookies and some pretty impressive bedhead. I'm telling you, we Duffield's sure know how to rock some unsightly hair.

The perks of being stuck inside for several days is that I have every excuse in the world to do mindless things. So basically that means lots of napping and knitting and movie watching. It's pretty great. We're trying not to think about the fact that graduation is probably going to be moved back a couple of days (if you're ever looking for a show, you should see twitter right now. honestly these georgia high schoolers are in an uproar).
^^^Let me introduce you to my new best friend/arch enemy. We have a love-hate relationship. It's fine.^^^
The Duffield girls have turned into crafters. It's scary quite frankly. I mean, Mom is finishing a quilt that's been in the making for what, several years now? Yeah. It's a big deal. I sewed a headband for directed studies and I'm proud of myself. It's my first real sewing thing that I can put to use and I'm going to wear it gosh darn it. Also, I'm .0342 percent of the way done with an infinity scarf I'm knitting with yarn that is in my favorite color (eep!). At the rate it's going I'll be done by next winter. Yippee.

Stay warm y'all.

Sincerely, mad

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