Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Evolution of Style

Prepare yourself, I'm about to turn into a fashion blogger. (did you know i originally fell in love with blogging because of fashion blogs? yep, my secret is out.)

So yeah, fashion is kinda my favorite. Getting dressed is exciting for me. I plan outfits as I fall asleep and my Pinterest fashion board is a great source of fun. I stay dressed until right before I go to bed. Pajama days? Never been my favorite. I would rather wear a dress and heels all day than pjs. If it wasn't so dang hard to find skirts that came to my knees I'd live in them. Actually, I do really love jeans, so that's not 100 percent true. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I really love getting dressed up.
Sophomore and junior year my life was centered around classy. We're talking pearls and lipstick and dresses all day everyday. Everything trendy and preppy was my dream. If I went to school without jewelry or lipstick on I felt bare. Wearing a tshirt was a sin. My laziest days were messy buns, vans, a v-neck shirt and boyfriend cardigan. Solid colors and neutrals were nowhere to be found in my closet- I was all about patterns and bright colors. My hair was painstakingly curled every morning- I didn't wear my hair in a ponytail or bun to school a single day of junior year thank you very much- not even once.

Now I'm slowly slipping deeper into the whole minimalist/hipster/artsy fartsy vibe. I covet long messy curls and slouchy tees and midi skirts with sandals. And it's not that I just love that style- I want to BE that. I want to be an artist. Forget the classy and preppy. Let's join the popular group of nonconformists! Let's be different, just like everybody else!

To be sure, my outfits each day have fancy touches. I can't help it, aspiring to class has become ingrained in my soul. I still refuse to leave the house without lipstick on, and you will not see me wear a tshirt of my own volition ever ever. But when I shop, I look for breezy skirts and oversized tees. I'm trying really hard to break myself of my curling iron and let my curls go au natural. It's rough. But exciting. Is it weird that I'm so intensely in love with fashion?

Sincerely, mad

P.S. Although I am noticing a shift in my favorite styles, I have a hard time committing to one specific genre or decade. I just love parts of it all! Just like I'm not a full introvert or extrovert or dominantly right-brianed or left-brained, I love parts of all personalities and styles. And isn't it fabulous that you can jump around and that you don't have to commit to just one style? This post by Katie Shelton (and the one she links too) worded it just about right for me. (by the way, isn't her dress to die for?!)

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