Monday, April 21, 2014

It's Ending

School is ending. Wait, what? We were just in the middle of snow days and midterms and longing for spring break! And yet here we are, only 30 days from graduation, with senior week next week and senior letters due in two weeks and a whole slew of graduation party invitations clogging up my Facebook newsfeed. Every senior is scrambling about with the last, tiniest remnants of their motivation trying to memorize equations and theories for AP tests and finish the last reading assignments of the year and scribble out dozens of meaningful letters to people they've shared thirteen years with. You hear chatter in the hallways from disheveled students trying to make final college decisions by making pros and cons lists on the back of old poster boards and asking how hard the bio test was and does anybody know if Lombardi takes up the Calc homework? Sleep is something precious and free time is all but a distant fantasy. Now that the sympathies for rejections have been offered, class announcements are full of congratulations for the lucky few who have been awarded substantial scholarships and committed to the colleges of their dreams. The only chapter of our lives that we have ever known is coming to a close, and I find myself silently observing the end of my high school career. I watch other seniors trudge through the hallways with crumpled hair and oversized tshirts, and if I look carefully behind the bags under their sleep-deprived eyes, I can see the anticipation for what comes next, after graduation. I can't help but sit in my room full of quiet excitement. Excitement for the final high school activities and anticipation for the adventures ahead. Full of sadness to close this chapter but joy to be starting fresh, with a clean slate and new people and no assumptions. Ready to see what lies in the road ahead.

Sincerely, mad

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