Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Whatever Wednesday

I've gotten really good at procrastinating. Even when I don't have major things to do I procrastinate! For example, today I came home with hardly any homework, only a little Poisonwood Bible reading to finish up (that book, I'm obsessed. except with the father, he can go. but those Price girls are cracking me up!), so you would think that I would do something productive but not requiring immediate attention, like senior letters or thank you notes or something. Nope. I pulled out my guitar and taught myself a Colbie Caillat song and started reading this Twyla Tharp book. Another thing I'm obsessed with. Granted I've only read the first chapter, but I already know I'll love it. Anything that tells me to be creative and then shows me how exactly to do it I'm a fan of.

Also, I discovered that 2048 game yesterday and it is quite possibly the worst thing I could've done for my senioritis. It's the stupidest thing, requires like negative 10% of your brainpower, you know, the good stuff. A fellow procrastinator probably came up with it while he was, ya know, procrastinating.

So basically I hope you're having a relaxing Wednesday with lots of procrastinating and maybe some ice cream. Definitely some ice cream.

Sincerely, mad

P.S. Today is Shakespeare's birthday! We had a party in Lit, a good, word nerdy way to start the day. I even made mint chocolate chip cookies late last night for the Bard. So go read a play to celebrate (or watch this or this or this, same thing).

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