Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring Means Smiles

The end of school always gets me excited, but this year and last year have been the best by far. Driving is a game changer. I remember the night before the last day of school last year, I ran to Ingle's at 9:30 to grab a mini carton of ice cream. This year with homework disappearing and now that Megan has quit swimming (hooray!) and the sister missionaries are still awesome, I'm having more and more adventures and it is getting more and more exciting.
Yesterday we tie dyed our senior picnic shirts, which was exciting mostly because I've never tie dyed before. It was always a little too hippyish for my taste so I guess call me a flower child because I have a fabulously pink, purple, and blue tie dyed senior picnic shirt now and I like it. Then today I went around with the sister missionaries and we knocked on the doors of some of the most gorgeous mansions I've ever seen. I want to pick up the whole neighborhood and put it in NYC and then  live there. They are so perfect. Tonight Megan and I made a Hobby Lobby run to grab me a laurel wreath because this week is senior week and tomorrow is toga day (more on that later). When both you and your best friend have curly hair and one of you is wearing it in a bun and the other is wearing it down, it really comes in handy because then you can both model the wreath and see how it looks either way you wear your hair.

We are in the final countdown and if we can make it through May 22, I think I'll cry.

Sincerely, mad

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