Monday, April 28, 2014

Thank Goodness for Crossfit

Saturday was the first day that felt like summer. And it was a perfect, exactly what you'd dream of summer day. Hot pink shorts and breezy tees, sunnies and curly ponytails, pink lemonade and sweat dripping down your back, the sun beating down so hard you can feel your skin burning, but you're so excited there is sun that you don't want to go inside. Saturday was also the first in a long line of grad parties, and that is such a weird feeling. I'm sorry, but the next four weeks I'm going to be talking about this weird feeling all the time because I already knew graduating would be weird but I was secretly hoping it wouldn't be and it's being weird. A good weird but weird nonetheless. It all just seems so final, and I have issues with finality. Ugh growing up. I want to do it but there are so many technicalities!

Today was a day so full of stuff that I feel like I'm just running around. The kind of day where I planned on crossfit at 4:30 but then I sat down to start writing senior letters (as much as i love words i detest this whole senior letter writing business. thankfully dad came up with the most brilliant idea to get around it all. hoorah!) and didn't check the clock until 4:50. The kind of day where I ran into the library 2 minutes before it closed so I could grab some books, then hurried to Walgreens to grab a photo (which wasn't ready) so I could run home and then get to crossfit by 6:30. And then it was the kind of workout where when you finish, your shirt is so sweaty you can't move and you're breathing so hard you can't sing and your hands are so exhausted that you can't even hold your phone up to read your twitter feed. But it felt so good to forget school and graduation and due dates for just a couple of minutes. To lose myself in the workout, my fingers and legs shaking trying to push that weight up one more time and hold onto that bar for two more seconds. To forget about everything but the rhythm of my breathing and to try a little harder to push myself a little more than usual. Thank goodness for crossfit.

Sincerely, mad

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