Friday, May 9, 2014

Senior Week

Last week was Senior Week, which is basically just an excuse for the seniors to dress up, look stupid, and to give us something to do as school comes to a close. I always knew Senior Week was going to be better than Homecoming Week, but it surpassed all of my expectations. It was absolutely amazing and I have this crazy intense love for the senior class and our high school now.

First up was College Day! And the perfection in this picture is Jake photobombing in the corner. I totally missed it until Megan pointed it out a few days later.
Nerd day came next, and the problem with days like this is that I actually like how I look and then I want to dress like a nerd everyday, but apparently that's weird. What?
On Career Day Evan and I were just your average suburban mom and dad. The shpeal Evan texted me and that I then memorized and recited all day long goes as follows: "I drive a Honda Odyssey, my husband plays golf with his buddies, our daughter loves to play soccer, our son swims summer league, we visit the grandparents all the time, and ABOVE ALL ELSE, we LOVE Sarah Palin."

Career Day was another reason why senior week is bad for my wardrobe wishes. I wore mom jeans, and don't shun them til you try them because honestly, they are the comfiest pants I've ever worn in my entire life. If it was socially acceptable for an 18 year old to wear mom jeans, I would wear them every day for the rest of my life. Judge me.
Toga day! And the mark of victory as I sat in the doctor's office after school. It's tradition that on Toga Day, the senior girls get three stickers and try their best to keep them all day. You lose a sticker if you talk to a senior boy in a toga. I am extremely proud to say I made it all day with all three of my stickers. And people thought I couldn't do it.
And then the really blurry picture I screenshotted off the school slideshow of the senior picnic and the only shirt I've ever tie dyed. Friday is the senior picnic and also the day that kids ride crazy stuff to school. I thought about riding my scooter but opted out of that, HOWEVER. This guy rented a Uhaul  and when Megan and I were down at the practice fields dropping off water balloons for the senior picnic, we saw the truck full of all our friends and hopped on. That was amazing. They were blasting "Turn Down For What" and yelling "SENIORS!" every time we passed a teacher. And the best part is, the teachers didn't care. They expected us to be a little crazy that day, and considering as our class has actually been pretty mild (no senior prank and we have less than two weeks until graduation...), a bunch of kids riding around the parking lot in the back of a Uhaul was the least of their worries. Senior Week made the whole senior class feel so unified. I just felt a deep connection with these people I've spent the past ten years of my life with. I'm going to miss them and I didn't think I would. Senior year turned out really great.

Sincerely, mad

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