Thursday, June 5, 2014

BBC Is Ruining My Education

I have come to the conclusion that BBC is out to ruin my education. Now now now, hear me out. I started watching a British drama called the Paradise, recommended by one of my favorite humans, my lovely AP English teacher. There are only two seasons, and only the first is available on Netflix. Now, this being the age of modern technology and instant gratification, I didn't think hunting down season two would be all that difficult, and besides, I take a long time to get through a tv series. I may be many things, but a Netflix binge watcher is not one of them.

So I began the Paradise. And by the end of the season, I was in love. With the characters, with the story, with all of it. So I began my hunt for season two, which as I mentioned before, is not on Netflix. First I tried Nope. Then I tried BBC's website. Oh, it's aired, but in the UK. And they have yet to release the United States airing date. Next, I tried iTunes. You can only buy it from the British iTunes. I would have done it too, except for the fact that it's impossible unless you have a UK credit card and mailing address. Finally, I tried Amazon. I found it on DVD, but only in a non-US DVD player compatible format. Did you know that North American DVD players are different from the DVD players in the rest of the world? I mean, here I am, trying to learn about the social struggles of early industrial Britain, and instead I learn that there are two kinds of DVD players in the world. Now I may never know the full story of the first department store in Britain (or the love story of Denise and Moray;-)).

And so my conclusion: BBC is out to ruin my education.

Sincerely, mad

P.S. Guess what.

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