Wednesday, July 9, 2014


^^^Yesterday it was cold enough that I wore a sweater and got hot chocolate. It's July, England, c'mon now. Also, when I Facetimed Mom, we were wearing the same dress. It only took thousands of miles between us, but we we're matching.^^^^

A 5k run, pain au chocolat for breakfast, and getting ready to Sara Barielles and Ben Rector make for a pretty good morning don't you think? Add to that a polka dot skirt and Much Ado About Nothing in Shakespeare (the version with Emma Thompson and Kenneth Branaugh, ahhhh) and you've got the beginnings of quite a brilliant day.

I know I need to stop gushing, but I really do truly love this place and everything I'm doing. I can't wait to go to classes. I wish they were longer (and they're already 2 to 3 hours). I want to go to every single activity and on every single excursion offered. I want to walk around and explore so much that my trusty dusty saltwaters fall apart. For the first time in a long time, I don't wish I was anywhere else in the world. I don't look at pictures of Europe and New York, wishing I could live there or travel there. I don't hear about the adventures of others and wish I could join them. I don't want to be anywhere or doing anything that I'm not doing right now, everyday here at Oxford. The one and only thing I would change? I would fly my family and closest friends out here to enjoy all of this with me.

Sincerely, mad

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