Thursday, July 17, 2014


Hello. We have now reached the point in Summerfuel where you feel settled. The saltwater tan on my feet is now noticeable and it's getting to be a bit of a problem and the excuse to make yet another G&D's run is "a photography project." I'm serious. It was homework. It's also the point where you realize that you only have one more weekend and all of your final assignments are due on Monday and you don't know if that fact makes you want to cry from despair or relief. We're all too sleep-deprived and ice cream drugged to feel stressed and the poor RAs have to fight for attention during nightly floor meetings because everyone else is busy fighting to keep their eyes open and subdue their sleepy hahas. We all have favorite lunch spots and know exactly how fast we have to walk to get back to LMH on time from at least three different locations in town. It's the time when you're in enough of a routine that homesickness sets in and stays, so I'm really missing cheese dip, cold soda, crossfit, and my family. Also, I finally got all of my laundry done, and before you scoff, let me tell you that that is no minor feat. Let me put it this way. 2 washers. 2 dryers. 200 people. It took me 4 days and countless trips to the laundry rooms but I am done! I have emerged victorious from the epic battle that is the laundry games! I've never loved clean clothes this much.

Sincerely, mad

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