Wednesday, August 20, 2014

let me tell ya about utah

This is how I feel about being out in Utah- I can't wipe the goofy grin off my face! Trust me, I've tried.

Every time Bella walks into the house, she screams, "Mallory Mallory Mallory!" and then jumps into my arms, gives me a the sweetest hug, and nestles her head down into my chest. I had a pj dance party last night around midnight up in my room to Taylor Swift's new song while Grandma and Grandpa were asleep downstairs. I woke up to the most dreamy morning light in my bedroom. I bought sheets and a pillow, so I guess you could say I'm an adult now. Grandpa and I eat milkshakes for lunch and watch movies while Grandma's at work. There is a trail that zigzags up and over the mountains behind my grandparents' house, and I intend to explore it at dawn, noon, and dusk next time I visit. Sophie, a dog, actually likes me. I saw the Salt Lake LDS temple around the corner while shopping with my cousins and was just amazed by the pure majesty of that building. It's whole presence is heavenly, and I cannot conceive how the other people there could just go about their shopping ventures without pausing in breathtaking awe. I move to BYU tomorrow and I'm so over the moon with excitement I can hardly think straight. The prospect of new adventure and new friends and a new room and a new congregation and new teachers and new classrooms and just a clean, fresh, new start has me so so so giddy. 

Sincerely, mad

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