Friday, August 22, 2014

so college

After two days of classes I've decided I really like this college life. Being a BYU Cougar is basically the best thing ever. Seeing that Y on the mountain makes me oh so happy. The mountains make me happy. Walking up the freshman hill in the mornings, discussing last night's reading and how sleep deprived we are already makes me happy. Tasting all the desserts in the Cannon Center makes me happy (and you thought the food talk was going to stop after england. nope). Doing homework on the grounds makes me happy. Making new friends and discussing in class makes me happy.

It's just such a different environment from high school. As long as you do your homework and show up to class, they could care less what you do. There is so much freedom! The classes are fantastic. It's just like in England- there are only about ten kids in my class, and they all want to be there. We sit and discuss for three hours, and it feels as long as a 52 minute high school class felt. You don't have to have a buddy every time you want to go somewhere. It's fabulous! I'm going to take a walk down to the temple soon, and homework on the grounds is going to be a regular thing. At least until the snow kicks in.

I just can't help but feel like this is exactly where I belong, even if it's only been two days. This is home. This is where I'm supposed to be. Sharing the bathroom down the hall, learning the menu in the Cannon Center, reading Poe and Emerson and James, making new friends, planning hiking trips to see the Y or to try out the Indian restaurant downtown or to go to the movies with my cousins. Getting a student ID card and a BYU baseball cap. Hiding out on the ledges in the stairway with your cousin when you need a study break late at night. Snapchatting and texting all of your friends back home way more than you ever did when you lived in Georgia. Having Taylor Swift dance parties as soon as your roommate walks out of your room. Sitting in a classroom environment where religion is discussed openly, and where the people discussing it are of the same faith as you. Can you even comprehend how nice that is? To not have to explain why you do things the way you do, why you are the way you are? To not be judged for the things you believe, because your peers believe the same thing? That's not to say that we are all the same, or that there is no judgement here. That's not the case. It's just that more often than not, the person you're talking to will know exactly what you mean when you mention a mission or the prophet or the scriptures. It's an amazing feeling. It feels like belonging.

Sincerely, mad


  1. I'm not going to lie...this post brought tears to my eyes. I tell people that BYU is a magical place. There is a feeling there when you walk around that campus that is so hard to describe to anyone who hasn't been a student there. I miss that place like crazy. Part of my heart will always be there in that quad or the library or walking up that hill... I can close my eyes and feel like it was just last week that I was there for the very first time. Magical, I tell you! Love every single moment. It's a time in your life like no other! Keep the pix and posts coming! I'm so glad you have found your place to belong!

    1. You're right- it is a magical feeling and impossible to describe. I can only imagine how much stronger that feeling is when there are students all over the campus! I can't wait to see it busy in a week.:-)