Monday, September 29, 2014

a general update on things you probably don't care about

yo. I'm pretty irregular on the blog nowadays. So. A general update on things you probably don't care about (but that I'll write about anyways). There isn't much, really. I discovered dirty dr. pepper's and goodness gracious those things are divine. I've been dreaming about them pretty much constantly since the first sip. I haven't changed my major yet but I decided on a minor and then a double minor and then changed one half of that double minor, all before officially declaring a minor. I got a pretty impressive watch tan/sunburn from the football game a couple Saturdays ago, and the saltwater foot tan from England is still going strong. Speaking of which, all the kids from England have been posting like crazy in the Facebook group because we're approaching the two month mark and seeing all of those friendships and hilarious comments makes my heart hurt and long for England. I've been wearing lots of dresses lately. Lots and lots of dresses. And it's making me so very very happy. Also, I started getting calluses again! I was just starting to form them before I left for England, and then they disappeared. After back to back wods in crossfit though, they're coming back! I'm so excited! My hands hurt soooo bad, but in the most satisfying way, ya know? Also, the Ingrid Michaelson and Ben Rector radios on Pandora have been on point, so if you're looking for the dreamiest fall playlists around, check 'em out. Speaking of which, FALL HAS DESCENDED ON PROVO. There is snow on the top of Mount Timp and leaves on the ground and it was just chilly enough today that I regretted not wearing tights. And now that I'm back in my dorm room I'm in boots and a cozy sweatshirt. I have a pair of sweats and leggings in the mail from the Gap that should get here any day. Hot chocolate is starting to sound realllll good. And I'm going to make a fall circle garland this weekend and pick up some mini pumpkins and succulents to decorate my windowsill, all while wearing sweaters and skirts and tights in rich fall colors. And then I'll celebrate with a dirty dr. pepper and a sugar cookie from swig. That will do quite nicely I should think.

That about sums up life right now, besides the homework and social situation. Honestly my typical week is a spattering of completely stressed out and homesick and giddy little girl moments in the midst of an exciting and new and passionate life swimming in a sea of homework and sleep deprivation. Oh, and I'm not taking nearly as many pictures as I should/want to, but I'm writing more so it's ok.

Peace out y'all.

Sincerely, mad

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