Wednesday, September 24, 2014

snippets of a wednesday night

early bed times and bike rides and wishing for rain and fall and tights and hot chocolate. knowing i'll inevitably loathe the snow but really excited for a white december and just snowflakes in general. waiting for the mail because online shopping is my friend. too many pictures of mountains on my phone. none of them do them justice. planning out next semester before this one is even halfway over. too many classes that i want to take, not enough time. rebelling against every urge i've ever had to capitalize and punctuate and construct sentences properly. probably because of all of the grammar exercises i did today. a bit homesick. but also the funniest and sweetest new best friends. wanting to take more pictures. poetry. journaling. painfully satisfying crossfit calluses. lacey tops and floral skirts and messy curls and strumming on the guitar and hunter hayes songs that take me to sap city. dirty dr. pepper. that is all.

oh, and i've decided fuzzy photos are my jam.

Sincerely, mad

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