Tuesday, March 17, 2015

life in 52 weeks // week 6: what's in my bag

Surprise! I'm a slacker so I've skipped a couple of weeks of the photography thing. I'll do them eventually, over the summer or something. But for now, here is week 6!

First things first, let's just get the command hook out of the way. College, what are you going to do? I've got like 20 of them hanging on my side of the room alone.

Moving on to the photography! This is totally cheesy, but something they talked about in the little lesson plan was how even though taking a picture of what's in your bag may sound weird, think of how cool would it be to take a peek into your grandma's purse from her early twenties or teenage years. It would be sweet, right? So, for posterity, here's what's in my bag at the moment. Lots of lipstick and pens. Also, along the same lines, I thought it would be neat to snap a pic of what's in my makeup bin, for my grandkids and what not. I have a lot of hair ties and barrettes considering I never use them. Also, I could write a whole other post about my love affair with dry shampoo. 

Sincerely, mad

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