Sunday, March 15, 2015

i'm falling in love...

with Provo, that is.

This weekend, the girls and I set out to explore downtown Provo. And this little town is actually pretty darn cool. There are adorable little antique shops where you can buy everything from doctor's scales to handmade soap to mugs with llamas on them. There are so many quaint restaurants, shnazzy places with baby's breath in glass bottles and hipster lettering on their signs. There's hearts drawn in chalk on the bricks and a guy playing a nyckelharpa (which apparently has a structure similar to a hurdy-gurdy. i know, right?). There's old time-y buildings and a new temple under construction. And you can see Mount Timpanogos to the north just sitting there looking pretty with it's snow covered rocky precipices. You're stunning Mount Timp.

On Saturday, we took what we affectionately called a mental health day. It all started with Monica freaking out about how she hadn't started her essay and us all telling her that she had fun and that that's important. Hence, we took a mental health day. Because that's important too.

Quick backstory: our Friday night went like it normally does- we try something new, like walk around downtown Provo and eat dinner at the famous Malt Shoppe that looks like an old school diner straight out of the fifties, with a juke box and plastic red seat cushions and everything. Then, by 8 o'clock, we find ourselves in pjs on Sara's bed watching a movie. This week it was The Theory of Everything (which OH MY WORD is AMAZING. Eddie Redmayne guys. wow. he totally deserves that oscar). Then we spend the next several hours laying on the floor, on the beds, on the chairs, three of us on our phones, one of us falling asleep, talking about life. Then around 2, everyone stumbles back to their respective bedrooms, Sara and I catch our second wind and stay up talking for another hour, then she goes to bed and I watch an episode or two of How I Met Your Mother because I'm still not tired (my sleep schedule is all sorts of messed up y'all), and then the next morning we all sleep in until lunchtime, as one does when it's a Saturday and you're in college and your parents aren't there to tell you to get up and do something with your life.

Back to the mental health day. So today was pi day and at 9:26:53 it was going to be a really long version of pi that wasn't going to happen again for another hundred years. So naturally, to celebrate this special pi day, we headed back to Zeek's pie shake parlour, a place we found yesterday. We all ended up with the chocolate cream oreo pie shake, and that was definitely a good life decision. Then Sara and I ran to the creamery to grab garlic bread and forks and corn and we made pasta with the leftover noodles from my birthday. There's a big kitchen table in the basement now, which is pretty rad, so we all sat around the table and had a meal like real normal people. It was nice. We're like a little college family. Granted, our normal families would never let us have our laptops at the table, and normal family dinners don't consist of singing along to disney songs on youtube, but Mulan and Meg and Rapunzel spiced up the party, and our voices are definitely angelic.

Anyways, Monica kept worrying about how she hadn't gotten any work done, so we all admitted that we hadn't either, and then we decided that today would be a mental health day. Also, we don't get a spring break (because byu is lame), so today was our spring break. Pie shakes and pasta and walking around town last night. I can dig it.

To top it all off, my heart skipped a beat walking down Center Street last night as I realized it's like a little piece of New York. I was positively giddy. I mean, we found a restaurant totally dedicated to french fries. If you want a full meal, they'll give it to you on french fries. Right? Provo is darn cool guys. Pretty darn cool. 

Sincerely, mad

ps 200th blog post guys. what?

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