Thursday, August 1, 2013

Senior Year Bucket List

This is my senior year bucket list.
School starts back up on Wednesday, and I can't tell you how excited I am to finally be a senior!
Junior year was a rough year for me. By May, I was so burned out from everything- tennis team, schoolwork, the drama that inevitably comes from high school. I just crashed. I decided that I was spending too much time on things I didn't love and not enough time on things I did. I decided to stop playing tennis, stop piano lessons (something I had been doing for 12 years), and do what made me happy. I went to crossfit more, pulled out my guitar a little more often, and started a blog.
I don't want a repeat of junior year. I can do without the stress. So, to ensure a year of fun, I did several things. I quit the things I didn't love. I signed up for a couple classes just for fun. I made a senior year bucket list. This list is full of things that aren't necessarily outrageous or over the top, but fun things around where I live that I haven't really had the chance to enjoy. 
There are only two rules for this bucket list. I can't start checking things off until the first day of school, and I have until graduation to finish.
My motto for this school year is "senior year fun year." This bucket list is going to help make that happen. I am determined to have the best school year ever. Senior year? Bring it on.

Sincerly, mad