Thursday, September 5, 2013

Little Things

So since this blog is here to appreciate the little things and be happy with the everyday, here is a little story that just made me smile. Today Tadd got some new shoes in the mail. He has been waiting all day for these shoes because they match Dad. When they finally came, of course he had to play it cool and act like new shoes aren't a big deal. You could tell he was excited though.
He informed me that he knew how to tie his shoes and promptly demonstrated. When I made him pause so I could take a picture, he said, "I'm pretty sure you're going to remember how to do it."
He also made a comment on a weird shape on one of the tags. When I told him that it was a 'g,' he was so surprised! He said, "Oh! I thought it was a 'q' on top of an 's'!" Haha that kid cracks me up.
I then told him that in order to know if these shoes would work, we had to race. Running around the kitchen then ensued. I think the kid has a future in sprinting.

^^^Tying his shoes. Such a big kid!^^^

^^^The 'q' on top of an 's.'^^^

I would like to make it known that I am making a step in the senior year bucket list tomorrow! I haven't forgotten! Stay tuned to see what exciting thing got the honor of being first!

Sincerely, mad