Saturday, October 12, 2013

Babysitting Babblings

Last night I babysat some of my favorite little girls ever. They make up their own games, have dance parties, and are not hard to please at all. Apparently I'm the best babysitter because I give them seconds of ice cream! Only problem is, now I have a standard to uphold. At least this one isn't too challenging.
As I was babysitting last night, I learned a few things. First off, first graders of today are uneducated in the world of boys. These girls had never heard of cooties! I was shocked and quickly taught them all I know about 'boy germs' (which isn't much by the way). They giggled and laughed and thought they were the most hilarious things ever.
Second, they have no memory of Hannah Montana. I asked if they wanted to learn the Hoedown Throwdown dance, and they looked at me in confusion and explained that they had no idea who she was. What?
And lastly, little kids know how to work technology. They wanted to watch Netflix, so they grabbed an iPad and turned it on. In first grade I hardly knew how start a Nintendo game without help. I still have trouble with technology! (Disclaimer: I do know how to work Netflix. My little brother taught me.)

Sincerely, mad