Monday, October 14, 2013

Just a Typical Sunday at Grandma's

Since we are so blessed to live within a couple miles of half of my mom's family, Sunday dinners at Grandma's house are a frequent occurrence. We gather once or twice a month with Mom's sister's family, her cousin's family, and her mom. It is absolutely wonderful. As excited as I am to go to Utah for college next year and to get to spend so much time with my dad's family, I sure will miss Mom's. I've lived within a few miles of my cousins for over half of my life, so they feel more like my siblings. Man I love them.
Anyways, putting a bunch of kids under eighteen together for an afternoon usually results in rough housing of some sort. Whether it's beanie baby wars in the basement, intense x-box tournaments, or games outside, screaming and pounding feet are the common sounds at Grandma's. Yesterday the activity of choice was keep away. Being the girl I am, I stay in my church clothes all day on Sunday instead of changing into t-shirts and jeans like the rest of my family. This made keep away an interesting experience.

Did I mention the only shoes I brought were four inch wedges (also a common thing)? So barefoot and holding my dress were how I played keep away. Needless to say I was not a huge threat. It sure was fun though.
Family is the best, don't you think?

Sincerely, mad