Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Shout Outs All Around

So today I went running. Here are some shout outs. 
Shout out to the weather for giving me a nice breeze and keeping me from melting to the sidewalk. 
Shout out to the leaves in the gutter for reminding me that it really is almost fall. 
Shout out to my little sister, who totally took off at the beginning and never looked back. 
Shout out to Taylor Swift for keeping me company as I ran (since I am not fast enough to keep up with said sister).
Shout out to the kid who just stared at me when I waved to him on the sidewalk. 
Shout out to the fifty drivers I made awkward eye contact with. 
Shout out to my hair for looking like a giant Pom Pom. 
And shout out to the kid who rolled his window down and shrieked as he passed me from behind. You officially scared me out of my mind. Congratulations. 
Sincerely, mad