Saturday, October 5, 2013

Back to Reality

Senior year has been way too nice to me. My homework load has been the lightest of my high school career, my friends are fabulous, life is good. And then I miss school for three days. And while I don't hold senior year accountable, and I'm not bitter, promise, I have absolutely no motivation to do any of my makeup work. Sorry senior year. It's what you get for being so nice. 
I mean, of course I'll do the work, but not without some classic Mallory procrastination. My philosophy for projects is wait until the last minute because I'll be older, therefore wiser (we can thank Pinterest for giving me that phrase). So, what did I do while I procrastinated?
I played tennis with my sister and went to dinner with my family. 
Ok, correction. My sister and I played on the swings while my dad and uncle played tennis. Let me brag for a minute and just say that I am finally good enough at swinging to take pictures in the air. Topnotch skill, I'm telling you. 

^^^There's Meredith! I was on the ground for this one.^^^
Also, Willy's, our favorite Mexican restaurant, now sells King of Pops! Just when we thought it couldn't get any better, Willy's stepped their game up. 
^^^They even have chocolate sea salt! My favorite!^^^
Well, I guess I can add blogging to my list of things to do when I'm procrastinating. I'll go start my essay now. Right after I check Instagram. (and Pinterest. who am I kidding?) 

Sincerely, mad