Monday, October 7, 2013

Happiness List

Today was a great day. Here's a happiness list.
1. I got my ACT scores back, and just as I had hoped, I don't have to take it again. Sweet! Here's to one and done in the standardized testing department.
2. I made a salad for myself for dinner tonight, and I was pretty darn proud of myself. Plus, it looked pretty.
I've never been one to take pictures of food- I like to look at pictures of people, not food. But I am slowly seeing the beauty in food and jumping on the blogger bandwagon.
3. I have this new love for Greek yogurt. I guess I just hadn't found the right one yet. (Just so you know, Chobani in vanilla is the way to go.)
4. I've gotten to edit four essays in the last twelve hours. Can you say good day?
5. When I got my license, I began to understand the fun in driving with your windows down. It's wonderful! And now as we are getting to fall, the air is crisper and smells perfect. There is this one point, right before my favorite part of my street, where I round a corner. When my windows are down, the wind hits my face at just the right angle and the most amazing scent of trees and air fills my lungs. Pair it with singing to my favorite songs? Absolutely heavenly. My heart just swells with utter happiness. Plus, the sunset as I went to go pick up Meredith from tennis was a dream. 

It's the little things, you know?

What would you put on your happiness list today?
Sincerly, mad