Tuesday, October 15, 2013

In Which We Discuss Mallory's Homework Theory

About 8 o'clock every night I commit to really getting things done. I've had enough time to decompress after school, check every form of social media I'm on (twice... or three times), exercise, eat dinner, and procrastinate. 8 o'clock is crunch time. So Tuesday night at 8, I dragged my backpack out of the corner and pulled out my agenda to see what torturous assignments my teachers had selected for that night (just kidding. it's not really that bad. I actually really like school. but more on that later). Then, as I walked through the kitchen, I thought, "Alright. How are we going to start this?" It was at that point that I passed a Ziploc baggy of Hershey's kisses. So naturally my next thought was, "With chocolate. We will start with chocolate. That is always a good idea." And then I proceeded to eat some chocolate, print out an amorization table for Economics, and attempt an Oceanography test review. That sounds productive, right?

So just a sneak peek- I was really bad at blogging this week, but I was productive in a different way. I checked another item off my senior year bucket list! Can you guess what it is?

Sincerely, mad