Monday, November 4, 2013

Hello November

November has arrived and brought with it more beautiful leaves and chilly weather. I am loving it!
To kick off this month of thanks, a couple of friends and I carved a pumpkin on Friday. I know what you're thinking, "Isn't that a Halloween thing?" Well, sometimes being different is more exciting. Plus, what could be more fun than a Kroger trip for Cheetos' Puffs and a pumpkin, crazy dance parties, and carving a pumpkin in the dark? That's what I thought. Nothing.
^^^I would say we're good, but really, all props go to Megan and Chris. Megan drew the face and Chris (in the middle) carved it out. Good job guys.^^^
^^^What would a photo dump be without a ridiculous selfie of me and Megan?^^^

Saturday morning was great. In crossfit, we dressed up to celebrate Halloween. This is what we looked like by the end of the workout.
^^^Have I mentioned I love crossfit?^^^
^^^I went for a Statue of Liberty vibe.^^^

I got to spend my Sunday afternoon with some of my favorite little girls. Their new baby brother was coming home from the hospital, so naturally we passed our time with selfies. I just love those girls.
And what kind of welcome to November would this be if I didn't post some pics of the trees? The leaves are killing me. So gorgeous.
^^^Across the church parking lot.^^^
^^^Outside my third period this morning. Who wants to be in school when you could be out there with the leaves? Iphone pictures don't do fall justice.^^^
^^^Is it just me or do oxfords belong with fall?^^^

Well, here we are. You've read another blog post, I'm drinking another cup of hot chocolate, and tomorrow's calculus test is haunting me. So long for now!

Sincerely, mad